Weekly Specials

Every week we update our Specials or you can contact us at (956) 682-2804, also follow our Facebook Page.


Our Chicken Love month is one of the best specials of the year because is the chance we get to demonstrate our love to our customers with an avalanche of deals, which will last the entire month. To know more about our deals please call our sales team at (956) 682-2804.


This season we have the best specials!! All because we thank our customers for their loyalty through the years. For our specials please call our Sales Team at (956) 682-2804


Back Ribs Center Cut National Back Ribs EVP Back Ribs Su Karne Cheek Meat Fresh Sweetbread Tripas Short Ribs 4# Su Karne Shoulder Clod Su Karne Turkey Drumsticks Ground Turkey Medium Broken Shrimp 50# And much more... For more information please call our office at...